Plastic injection company and plastic parts manufacturer


Plásticos Llorens is a plastic injection company, located in Barcelona. The company was founded in 1953 by Joaquín Llorens Devesa, in Barcelona’s legendary Poblenou district, an industrial driver of Catalonia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The company began its industrial operations based on the construction of moulds for thermoplastic and bakelite injection. Subsequently some of the same moulds were injected by the company.

Plásticos Llorens, with more than sixty years of industry expertise, is currently a modern and competitive plastic injection company, run by the children and grandchildren of Joaquín Llorens. The company has highly qualified technical and administrative staff that is able to respond quickly and effectively to market requirements. The company operates exclusively in plastic injection, focusing on efficiency and product quality while delivering a customised service tailored to the needs of its clients.

At present, Plásticos Llorens manufactures plastic components for all industries, including automotive, cosmetic, electric, health care, food, maritime, sports and general industry. Due to the technological and innovative processes used, the company is able to adapt fully to clients’ needs to offer excellent quality products that fully respond to the client’s ideal.

The defining values of Plásticos Llorens are optimum quality, innovation, teamwork and excellence in service.

Plastic injection company in Barcelona in 1953